ENGR333 project Fall 2008


The Fall 2008 semester ENGR333 project assessed the feasibility of a Green Revolving Fund for Calvin College. I asked the students “What would it take to implement a Calvin Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF)?”

The project emerged from the work of the previous year’s students who uncovered the concept of green revolving funds.

Immediately after the Fall 2008 semester, I went on sabbatical to South Africa for all of 2009. While I was away, the Calvin administration established the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund (CERF). Over the next decade, CERF saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs and was largely responsible for the conversion to LED lighting throughout Calvin’s campus.


The customer for this project was Calvin’s VP for finance Henry DeVries.


Details about the project can be found at the following links:

2008 ENGR333 project assignment

2008 ENGR333 project final report