ENGR333 project Fall 2007


The Fall 2007 semester ENGR333 project involved a collaboration with students in BIOL354, taught by my colleague Dave Warners. We asked our students “What would it take to make Calvin College carbon neutral?”

This project resulted in the first-ever carbon dioxide emissions and sequestration assessment of Calvin College, shown below.

First Calvin College carbon footprint assessment

The student presenters animated the pie charts, and an audible gasp filled the hall when the imbalance between carbon emissions and carbon sequestration became clear.

The students also studied potential routes to carbon neutrality, one of which was a green revolving fund.

This class project resulted in a co-authored publication for me, Dave, and the customer Henry DeVries.


The customer for this project was Calvin’s VP for finance Henry DeVries.


Details about the project can be found at the following links:

2007 ENGR333/BIOL354 project assignment

2007 ENGR333/BIOL354 project final report

2007 ENGR333/BIOL354 project footprint poster

2007 ENGR333/BIOL354 project solutions poster