About ENGR333

ENGR333 is a class taken by senior mechanical engineering students at Calvin University, usually in the Fall semester.

I have assigned many all-class projects throughout my years of teaching ENGR333, never repeating the same project twice. Posts in the ENGR333 category describe these projects.

Each project features:

  • a simply stated but difficult-to-answer question or objective, often beginning with the phrase “what would it take to …”;
  • a customer with interest in the outcome;
  • an element of place meaningful to students;
  • student oral progress reports throughout the semester, presented to the customer;
  • an open-to-the-public, end-of-semester departmental seminar given by students;
  • student presentations at a poster session; and
  • a final report in technical memo format.

I wrote a paper about the elements of these projects, which I presented at the Ghana Institution of Engineers meeting in 2016.